8 Ways to Overcome Negative and Pessimistic Thoughts

Are you a pessimist trapped in a negative world? Do you find it tough to overcome negative thoughts?

The journey of life has never been a bed of roses for any living being and of course it shouldn’t be. The ups and downs in life make us who we are.

Throughout this journey while some people develop the art to live a positive life, others spent a whole life time complaining about the hardships and injustice of life and explaining to the world how life has been unkind to them. What starts as a complain takes the form of a hobby which finally becomes their identity!

Here it is worth mentioning that for an ordinary human being it is quite normal to become depressed, hopeless, pessimistic or negative during bad phases of life. But abnormality lies in making negativity a part of your character.

Even the most positive people around us experience negative thoughts. However what separates them from the rest is their ability to overcome these toxic feelings and bounce back to the path of happiness.

Here in this post I have shared some ways which have always worked for me to overcome negative thoughts.


trash negative thoughts
                                          Trash Negative Thoughts


i) Appreciate your life

While you are cursing your life for not being able to own the latest version of Apple phone, there are people out there who are happy with a ‘new’ second hand shirt or a piece of bread to satisfy their hunger.

Thank your God for giving you this beautiful life because things could have been tougher! (This report of the survey conducted by United Nations should make you realize how lucky you are!)

ii) Understand the process

You have to be matured enough to accept the fact that problems are an integral part of our life. Call it KARMA or define it by any other philosophy, the fact is that neither you, nor me can escape from this. Since it is futile to sit and cry let us stand and fight.                                                                         overcome negative thoughts

iii) Avoid Negative company

There are some solid reasons to avoid negative company. Contrary to the laws of magnetism where like repels like, here negativity attracts negativity. People going through depression or any other negative phase often finds comfort in the company of like minded people. This is the point from where things take an ugly turn. Since both the parties share similar frequency of thinking, there will not be any improvement in the quality of thoughts for either of them.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Let us assume that I am a negative person. Now If I befriend someone who is also a pessimistic of higher order, then the resultant of this friendship will be:

First, Since both of us share the same attitude, there will not be any improvement in the quality of our thoughts.

Secondly, since that person is more negative than me, gradually his company will deteriorate my thoughts even further.

Thus if you want to come out of negative thoughts, and get in touch with someone who is practical, positive and matured.                                                                    

iv) Do not feel shy to ask for a help

  If you feel you are suffering from depression, mental fatigue or negative thoughts it is wise to share this with someone you feel will understand your problem. Remember that there is nothing wrong to have negative thoughts. Abnormality lies in keeping it inside and watching it multiply with each passing day.

v)Admit your flaws

The most difficult part of counseling a negative soul is handling their arrogant nature.  Often-a-times people find it hard to accept the fact that they actually need some help.

I can testify this fact from my own experience! Many a times I faced strong reactions from people whom I tried to help in this regard. While some realized gradually with time, others preferred to stay adamant. So the point here is that unless you are ready to accept help, even a panacea cannot bring you out of your problems.

                                 8 ways to overcome-negative-thoughts

vi) Smile for no reason

 Even medical studies testify the fact that smiling reduces stress. And do you know that you actually need no reason to smile? While you must be well experienced in flaunting calculated or formal smiles in your professional circle every day, these aren’t the ones that give you real happiness. The smiles which give us peace are the ones that come from heart.

Positive people discover their own ways and reasons to smile; sometimes in the company of good people, cool friends and ruminating old memories while sometimes doing something that they love doing. You can try this too!

vii) Have no regrets

 Try your best to achieve what you want so that you do not have any regret when the opportunity goes. And as they say, It is better to try and fail then to sit and repent.

viii) Join Self development courses and workshops

  A tired, exhausted or weak mind cannot house positive energies for long. If there are good self development centers around your area, please join them. Apart from the positive lectures from experts you can also make new friends who too are in search of a positive life.

You can also try these exercises to kill negative thoughts or try meditation, which by the way, is a great negative energy buster

Positive Mindset  versus Negative Attitude

Here is a brief comparison between two extreme levels of thinking. Check where you lie.

A negative human being:

i) Considers the life to be a burden

ii) Finds pleasure in criticizing and finding faults.

8 ways to overcome negative thoughts
            Filter out the negative thoughts from life

iii) Has the tendency to search negativity in every situation.

iv) Has the tendency to blame others for all the troubles they face.

v) Finds it hard to accept their fault. Gets irritated when challenged.

whereas  positive people:

i) Are always happy and satisfied with their life

ii) Finds happiness amidst adverse situations

iii) Do not compare their life with others.

iv) Find different ways to keep smiling.

v) Do not believe in comparing with others. Rather they compete with their own selves.

Positive living is neither a magic nor a specialized trait. It is not a myth either. It exists…around us.  Try to look for opportunities to smile. In fact do not be surprised if I say you actually do not need any opportunity to smile. The key is to filter out the negative energies and keep the positive ones from our daily life.

Over to You

I am sure you must have your own ways of overcoming negative thoughts. Please share with us or add a point which I have missed above


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14 thoughts on “8 Ways to Overcome Negative and Pessimistic Thoughts

  1. Great post Tuhin! There is not one person on this earth who does not have a challenge of some sort. Some experience far more challenges than others. We know how a situation affects us as we are living through it, we feel the impact. We can choose to be joyful not happy as happiness is short lived, it is based on circumstances. I think of the prayers God has answered and how far I have come in life.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Reignite your passion!My Profile

  2. It is true that you should not be afraid to ask for help. Being depressed is not a sign of weakness. And I think that if more people understood this, there would be less people silently suffering.

  3. I think we fail mostly from internal faults, not external ones. It is negativity, inside our head, that limits use, keeps use from achieving our goals.
    Your suggestions are vital in keeping those destructive thoughts from taking hold inside our minds.

  4. It’s absolutely acceptable–necessary–to ask for help when we need it. It can be friends or professionals–that depends on just what it is you need to overcome a difficulty.

    I’m a naturally happy person. I was raised in a happy household in a happy family. That said, of course there are dark times and negative moments. But then I look out my window and see a fluffy white cloud go by. I think of my dad emailing his kids photos of the clouds and the animals he could see in them…finding joy in the every day is the best way to fight off the darkness.

  5. One of my flaws is that I complain a lot. I have become more and more aware of it and now am trying to reduce the number of times I complain because I have a very lucky life and while I know I am grateful – I could do more to show it.

  6. For better or worse, I am chronically positive, however, that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally have “negative” thoughts or feelings. It’s just that they normally come and go pretty quickly. I really like your list of tips, especially avoiding negative company. I have actually ended long-term friendships over this issue because I find that I am physically and emotionally sensitive to the negativity of others and I’d rather bless them on their way than endure their never-ending unhappiness and complaining.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…The Problem of Settling for “Good Enough”My Profile

  7. It’s very easy to be cynical and jaded in this day and age. However, as you get older, you realize that there is an ‘opportunity cost’ in being negative, i.e., life is short, and the time you spend being negative is time you could spend doing something more productive. If you have the energy and inclination to “stand and fight”, then more power to you; for many of us, however, simply keeping busy is the best way to keep the blues at bay.
    Andy recently posted…Every Tells a StoryMy Profile

  8. Hi Tuhin,
    What a great reminder to us all that we have a choice.
    We can stay stuck in our negative thoughts or we can see them as a growing opportunity.
    There is so much to be grateful for in life and challenges and setbacks are just a few.
    New and difficult things are all part of life on life’s terms.
    You give excellent advice on how to overcome negative thoughts.
    The one people seldom think of is asking for help.
    Help is usually available as soon as you ask.
    Nice job as always.
    Vernon recently posted…Your World Has Come to An EndMy Profile

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