Why Only A Mother’s Day, Why Not A Mother’s Year?

Every year before the second Sunday of May, the gift shops and bakeries around the world gets filled with eye catching Mother’s day gifts and cakes. Fancy greeting cards with poetic lines proudly narrate the importance of mothers. Several updates dedicated to moms circulate across various social media sites.

Special events and innovative surprises are planned almost in every house to make her feel special. All these efforts are justified keeping in view the importance of that person in our life. After all whatever we are, is only because of our parents. But what’s next?

Come Monday and everything becomes normal again. The celebration fades, the gifts find their permanent place in different corners of the house, the greeting cards finally rests inside the drawers and the special treatment too gets over for one more year.

The question here is- Can’t we extend this special treatment for the next 364 days? Can’t we celebrate a Mother’s year instead of a Mother’s day?

My aim behind creating this video is to show the importance of mothers in our lives and how most of the times we do things (knowingly or unknowingly) that should not be done.

(In case you want to view the video in youtube, here is the link .)

P.S- Watch the video in 480p (quality), else the texts will appear blurred



Over to you

Share your views regarding the post and let me know how you celebrate this special occasion!



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