Guest Post Guidelines

Guidelines for guest posts in TuhinzDiary

Hello there, Thanks a lot for taking interest in tuhinzdiary.

Your views matter a lot to me and thus I would be mighty glad to host a post of yours in my blog. The sole aim of this blog is to help people lead a better life. So for the guest posts to be effective a few criteria are to be met:

1) The post should not promote any business or should not be written for the sole purpose of earning monetary benefits. (However NGO’s or non-profit organizations working for a cause can write about their stories, activities etc)

2) The topic of the post can be anything related to health, fitness, relationships, positive or better living. In other words it should be helpful to people in some way.

3) I may correct minor grammatical mistakes or rearrange a line or two to make it more appealing.

4) The post should be original and Plagiarism free (Plagiarized articles will be rejected).

5) The article should contain minimum 600 words.

If you wish to write a guest post for this blog, along with the content in a word file, kindly provide:

1) Your name

2) A photograph of yours

3) Contact details

4) Links to your Social profiles’

In case of any doubts please mail me on

There are a lot of people in distress. I hope together we can make a difference in someone’s life.

Stay happy and stay positive.

Thank You,

Tuhin Deshamukhya

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