Effective Ways to Spend Some Quality Time Alone

In my last post I had discussed about the importance of spending time alone. Here in this post let us discover how we can do this.

This article is specially dedicated to all of you who find this idea to be a super boring one and are still confused about how on earth can anyone enjoy being alone!

There are a number of ways to go on a date with the self and to know and discover the real self. Spending time with self is a mental detox to me! Let me point out some of the my very effective tried and tested methods of spending time alone which you too should try.

P.S- Spending time alone is a great way to improve your inner self. Reading a good book, cooking a new dish or learning a new skill is always better than wasting time in unnecessary activities that drains your energy.

1) Enjoy the sunset

If you can manage to get some free time during sunset, do not waste it. Sit near the window, let the breeze come in and dive in to the world of imagination. A light music will add spark to the moment. This is a great stress burner…Try this.

   tips to spend time aloneHow to do this

i) Think about the good old school days, your first love, your parents or anything that holds a special memory in your heart.

ii) Close your eyes take deep breath and try to meditate.

2) The early bird catches the prey

This one is for the early risers. If you are one of those who like to kiss the first sun ray of the day, then enjoy this time to be just with yourself.

How to do this

i) Meditate for at least 20 minutes before starting your day.  A fresh start to the day cannot be better than thisThese 20 minutes will keep you charged up for the next 7-8 hours.

If you have never tried meditation, read this wonderful A to Z guide of meditation to understand the reasons and benefits of meditating. You can also try these relaxing guided meditations to get started.

ii) Read a book, write a few lines, hymn your favorite tune or do anything that makes you feel good. Soon after a meditation session, the mind remains calm which makes it an ideal time for reading or doing something creative.

3) Do nothing…yes…nothing

One good thing about spending time alone is that you may not do anything and still have a great time with your self. No one will bother or push you to perform.

                                                             how to spend time alone

How to do this

i) Sit and imagine, rest your lazy bones, dance like a mad, make stupid faces in mirror, take innumerable selfies or simply do nothing.

4) Pump your muscles

If you are a fitness freak probably you can understand how soothing it is to spend time toning your body. Be it pumping muscles in gym, swimming in a fresh pool, yoga or jogging in early morning, you can go for any physical activity in your free time.

This is extremely helpful during post break up period, after a bad day at work or whenever you feel stressed and exhausted mentally.

How to do this

i) Put on the earphones and play your favorite playlist while you work out.

ii) Play a relaxing instrumental tune and do yoga.

5) Travel alone

If you have never tried this, try it once. Many of my traveler friends have testified the fact that travelling and exploring places on your own can be bliss. While they do it regularly, you can try this once in a while.

  how to spend time aloneHow to do this

i) Visit a hill station or walk in the lonely beaches. Carry a book with you to add icing to the cake.

ii) If you are nature lover, book a resort amidst natural surroundings.

“Nothing can bring you peace but you..yourself” – Rudolf Emmerson

6) Walking down the memory lane

Childhood days were a boon, isn’t it? Deep down your heart you want those days back. But since a time machine has not been invented yet, the best we can do is to sit and ruminate the best days of our life.

How to do this

i) Sit quietly, relax, travel back to the time and relive those moments once again.

ii) Think about your old buddies, school punishments, cousins, the pranks, mother’s care and dad’s love. You can make a call or send a message to any or all these people whom you haven’t met or spoken to for ages.

7) Interact with the nature

If you are a photographer, an artist, poet or writer you should try this.

Roam aimlessly with your instruments and gadgets and take photos, write poems/stories or draw something. Spend the day in a different way…in way you have never spent before.

How to do this

i) Go on a drive and halt at places to take photos or note a few poetic lines.

ii) On a Sunday morning carry your favorite snacks and reach the nearby tea estate or hill top and spend a few hours with your inner self. Carry a good book, a music player, a camera and your diary (if you have any).

Total shut down

This is for people who are extremely stressed out or have a schedule that demands excessive physical and/or mental pressure. Once in a while (say in 15 days or in a month) go for a total disconnection with the materialistic world for a 5-6 hours.

8 ways to spend time aloneSwitch off your phone, disconnect the internet connection and distance yourself from all those things that can disturb your much needed and peaceful holiday. Now having done this, the next step is to dive into the world of serenity and solitude and experience something you have never experienced before.

It will be helpful if you plan this day in advance. Make sure you:

i) Take leave from your work: Take a day off from work with prior permission from your boss so that you do not end up working from home. Try to plan this in the weekend and let your clients, colleagues and boss know about your hibernation mode.

ii) Finish your assignments in advance: You cannot enjoy with the pressure of an unfinished assignment. So clear your desk before you begin this.

There are endless ways to spend quality time alone. Apart from the points I have mentioned above you can try your own creative ways to discover yourself.

Remember that no matter how you decide to spend your time, the goal should be to find happiness and appreciate the beauty of inner self.

Your turn

If you too have your own interesting way to spend time alone, let us know in the commenting section.


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11 thoughts on “Effective Ways to Spend Some Quality Time Alone

  1. I enjoy spending time alone as I am a natural introvert. Of course I relish being around my husband and children but come the evening I want quiet. The late evenings are “my time” and I would struggle without time out. I tend to stay up late (night owl) to watch one of the few TV programmes I keep up with and to reflect. I have travelled alone and was fine with it. I have also been to the cinema and restaurant alone – it suited me fine.

    I am aware that choosing to be alone is quite different to having to be alone.

  2. Wonderful suggestions Tuhin. I’m very comfortable with alone time so it comes easy for me. In fact, I’ve become a huge fan of traveling alone. In conjunction with my job working for a resort hotel chain, I traveled all over the world alone and found I really enjoyed the freedom. But it’s not for everyone. Several years go I took my husband to Europe for 3 weeks. I left the middle week with no travel arrangements just to explore and have an adventure. My husband was not happy when he found out but it turned out to be the most fun we had during our entire trip. It also made me realize that I prefer to travel alone. 🙂
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Reflections on the Connection Between Attitude and AgingMy Profile

  3. Hello Tuhin. As my husband ages and his senses come less astute, I have become more comfortable with the concept of solitude. As an extrovert, I never previously enjoyed the feeling I got when I was alone as I feed off the energy of others. But in the past couple of years, my responsibilities have escalated to the point where I really do appreciate time alone with my thoughts.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…in search of Quebec City chocolateMy Profile

  4. Tuhin — I need “alone time.” When my husband was still with me he appreciated my need to downshift, usually in the evening when everything is quiet and I’ll sit and read a book before bedtime. I’m a natural extrovert, as he was, but I enjoy those quiet times after a hectic day.

  5. I do enjoy spending time alone. It’s funny because I used to be in bed until the afternoon but over the years I have become a morning person and I really value the time before the big day rush where I can have my own quiet moments. I also enjoy having a nice hot cup of tea and snuggling into bed with a good book.
    Emily recently posted…The Boy with the World on His BackMy Profile

  6. A few times you mention the use of music as ‘background color’ for some other activity. I like to listen to music with undivided attention when I am alone. Indeed, music is an organic part of who I am – I feel it speaks to me.
    Andy recently posted…Every Tells a StoryMy Profile

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