6 Ways You Are Ruining Your Peace of Mind

The purpose of life is not to search miseries but to appreciate and cultivate the positive energies around us. But often in our daily life we find people knowingly or unknowingly indulging in activities that take them far away from happiness. Find out the top 6 habits that are responsible for an unhappy life and take immediate remedial action in case you have any or all of these tendencies.

                                        6 reasons you can never be happy
i) Cursing your life

 A lot of people spend a whole life explaining to the world how miserable their life is! I agree, life has its course of ups and downs, but this does not mean we should start hating our lives. If you have been through a pain, start finding a way to come out of the sorrow, instead of crying over your fate. Do not curse your luck by comparing yourself with your rich neighbor or an economically sound friend; instead feel blessed to have got a life which is better than thousands of ill fated people around you. The world is full of miseries and people out there are fighting everyday for a better life. While some quit in between, others prefer to fight till the end. Do not lose hope!

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The remedies:
i) Everything will be over once you leave this world. Life is momentary and short. Please do not waste it in producing negative energies. Instead appreciate the positive ones.
ii) A day spent in sadness is equal to a day wasted. Try to find happiness amidst sorrows and make every possible moment a memorable one.

ii) Wasting your potential

Are you an artist who has left painting years back or a cook who cannot remember when was the last time you tried a new recipe? Or are you one of those who is spending your life consoling yourself that you are meant to lead a pretty ordinary life and that great things happen only to ‘special’ people? If yes, then STOP IT NOW! Each one of us is born with some qualities that make us different from others; and you are not an exception to this. Realize your inner qualities and do what you always wanted to do.

The remedies:
i) Do not waste your energy and creativity in useless activities. Plan wisely and utilize the time.
ii) Do not wait for that ‘special’ moment. If you want to do something do it now.

iii) Sacrificing yourself

It is okay you are somebody’s brother, a loving father, a dedicated husband and a good son. But in the midst of all these responsibilities are you taking care of yourself? Most of us, in the journey of life, become so engrossed in relationship complicacies that we fail to address our own existence. While it is crucial to be a responsible family man, it is equally important not to lose one’s identity in the process.

The remedies:
i) Give time to others but keep some time for yourself too.
ii) Every human being should have his/her own identity.

                           6 reasons you can never be happy

iv) Neglecting the body

No matter how peaceful your life is, you still cannot lead a happy life unless you maintain a healthy lifestyle. During boyhood days we indulge in a lot of unhealthy practices which costs us in the middle ages. Starting from the addiction of cigarettes, alcohol and a variety of lethal drugs to junk food and artificial beverages, we torture our body to the extreme. If you are indulged in any of these activities it is time to bring some changes in your lifestyle.

The remedies:
i) Workout for a minimum of half an hour a day.
ii) Minimize or if possible quit your junk food consumption.
iii) Consume plenty of green vegetables, fruits and salads.
Always remember that in order to live a clean and happy life you need to stay fit and energetic too. After all, those piles of medicines and injections can never bring a smile in your face.

                            6 habits responsible for an unhappy life

v) Over expectations

If you belong to this unusual group of demanding people who never gets satisfied in life, it is time to quit this group. As a human being it is quite natural to have some expectations from life. But unnecessary demands and limitless urge for artificial things can lead us to ashtray. I can testify this fact as I have seen some real life examples of some people who, in spite of having everything, are not really happy. From expensive items to priceless ornaments to luxurious cars and villas, one thing leads to another resulting in an endless search for ‘happiness’.

The remedies:
i) Be content with what you have. You cannot achieve everything in this one single life. In fact none of us can. So appreciate what you have got.
ii) Stop criticizing your child, husband or any other person for not being able to fulfill your demands. Understand the fact that they are human beings too.

vi) Comparing with others

 The fingers in our hands come in five different sizes. Have you ever seen them competing with each other? No they don’t. Because each finger has its specific role for which they have got their respective sizes. Likewise no two human beings are same. Stop comparing yourself with the class topper or with your childhood friend who now owns a Limosine. Respect yourself by acknowledging your talents and capabilities. It is okay if you cannot become a second Vangogh; but at least try to be satisfied with your work.

The remedies:
i) Love yourself, work hard, be sincere and think positive…success is bound to come.
ii) Instead of comparing yourself with a superior person, try to take some inspiration from their achievements and use it wisely in the course of your journey.

Life is temporary and short; make the most of it. Knowingly or unknowingly we waste a good number of years in taming the negative energies. Today, make a commitment to yourself that from this very moment you will start acting against all those negative energies that has found shelter inside your mind for a long time.

These habits take time to die. Be patient. Feel free to share your problems, views and opinion with our readers and discuss these issues in detail. Come let us join hands and unite against these evils and fight for a better life.

Over to you

Do you find yourself or any of your near ones in this list? If yes, are you ready for a change?

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