5 Regrets You Should Never Have

Most of us spend or more precisely waste our life giving more priority to what the society and people around us, thinks. During the walk of life, from time to time we go on ignoring and sacrificing our dreams and wishes which in the later years comes back in the form of REGRETS. And trust me regrets are one of the toughest emotions to handle.
Of all the regrets human beings generally have, I have summarized a few of the most painful ones below:

                                                    regrets of life

1) Life could have been better if…
This is one of the most common regrets we have during the later stages of life. During the span of life we often take some wrong decisions which leads to this regret. Life brings to us a number of opportunities in different forms. It is up to us to grab these chances.
Mistakes are a part of human nature and I believe we should commit mistakes in order to learn from them and achieve something big in life. But then there are these mistakes which cost us heavy; the mistakes which can ruin our life. These irreparable mistakes do not give a second chance of rectification.
Boyhood is a phase of life where everything seems pleasant and we are more likely to flow with strong emotional waves without thinking much about the consequences. So my advice to all the young friends out there is that give more preference to brain while taking important decisions in life.

2) …wish I could have conveyed my feelings

This is for those people who fail to convey their feelings only to repent it throughout their life. Everything has a time and as they say ‘hit the rod when it is hot’ so do not delay when you have the opportunity to express your feelings to someone. Time and tide waits for none and so does the people we meet during the walk of our life. So say it loud and clear, express yourself and let them know how much you love them. Even If you get a negative response, at least you won’t have the regret after 40 years that you didn’t try.

30 years back…I should have proposed her…

This also holds true for people who do not value their partners little realizing the fact that they would probably understand their mistake when it is too late for rectification. Every people in your life have a specific role. So do not neglect or avoid people who are close to you. Today if you have hurt anyone, say sorry before it is too late.

3) I could have given more time to family
This regret often comes to those who after achieving everything in life realize how poor they are! Driving a Lamborgini, spending holiday at a luxurious beach side resort or owning a magnificent villa cannot give you peace if your son does not respect you, your wife do not love you and your friends do not care for you.
No matter what you do or how much you earn, spending time with family should always be one of your top priorities. But Alas! People now-a-days become so engrossed in building a ‘bright’ career that they fail to understand the importance of spending some quality time with their family members.

One wrong notion among people is that success comes to those who are highly ambitious and focused to their goal leaving everything else behind. On the contrary there are a number of successful people who have managed to maintain a fine balance between their professional and personal life. Read those stories, learn from them and try to implement these techniques in your life too.

                          regrets in life
4) I could have been a photographer…
There are no short of people who fall in the trap of wrong career choice, sometimes due to circumstances while sometimes due to pressure from parents and family members. This marks the beginning of a life full of frustrations, curses, depression and so on. If you have been through this, probably you can understand the pain of working somewhere while you wanted to work somewhere else. So today if you are in the verge of selecting your profession, take the decision wisely.
And if you are a parent who wants his son to be a doctor while the boy is passionate about photography, In that case it is important for you to understand that it is better to let him click photos than to give birth to a doctor who cannot do justice to his profession.

5) I too had dreams. Wish I could…
By the time we turn 50 most of us accumulate a bundle of unfulfilled dreams and wishes which pinch us every single day. Sometimes for the sake of family responsibilities, ‘bright’ career and professional issues, while in the mid age for the sake of children, we are masters in sacrificing our happiness.

I shouldn’t have missed the …
A lot of people repent the fact that they could have enjoyed their life by addressing their dreams had they shown a little courage and determination in fulfilling those. Go on a trip you always wanted to, learn a musical instrument, try your hands on cooking, dance like a mad, get high or do any other activity that you always wanted to do.

Life is beautiful if you know how to appreciate the beauties. While it is necessary to think about people close to you, it is equally important to live for yourself too, for moments and opportunities once gone seldom returns.

Your views matter a lot
Now that we have reached the end of the post, let me throw the ball in your court by asking you 3 simple questions:
1) Do you have any regret? If yes, would you like to advice our young readers how to avoid having the same? (who knows, a simple suggestion from you can save someone from a painful life)
2) Have you found out a defensive mechanism to cope up with the pain and lead a peaceful life in spite of having a regret? If yes, please share your experience.
Do let me know your views and please do not hesitate to offer constructive criticisms and inputs regarding this topic.

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18 thoughts on “5 Regrets You Should Never Have

  1. It is important to start living your true self.
    Take some time to really understand your inner motivations. Introspective exercises help to identify what you like doing the most. This usually leads to a high purpose, like helping others in a big way.

  2. Love this post! I agree with one of the comments above, we spend so much time worrying about things we have no control of or things that have not yet happened. There is only one thing in my life I do regret, it’s not listed above but I guess maybe it was meant to happen.

  3. I needed this post so much. I often think of what I’m going to think of myself in the future and it’s slowly eating my brain and leading me into overthinking stuff, which is completely unnecessary. These truly are great tips!

  4. Great post! You’re right, nobody should have these regrets in life.
    Right now, I can’t say I have any regrets. I’m 22, I’ve done what I wanted to do and I’m a dreamer.

    So I just want to leave here a quote that has always inspired me and that always makes me reflect about life: “Without realizing it, we go from an age where we say: “My life will be that” to an age where we say: “That’s life.”

    Jessica recently posted…13 Things Nobody Tells You About ChinaMy Profile

  5. I do have regrets, but it’s mostly about wasting time on those who weren’t true friends or lovers. I give of myself a lot, and I give a lot of chances. I normally end up feeling silly for it. Other than that, I have no regrets. I’m loving who I am and all the experiences that brought me here. 🙂
    Mary recently posted…Two Sides of Every StoryMy Profile

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