Is Your Kid Becoming A Liar?

Is your child faithful to you? Children tend to lie due to a number of reasons. So it is important for you to keep an eye on their movements to ensure that they do not end up having a liar’s tag in the years to come. And since you do not have a lie- detector, you have to learn the art of lie detection.
Read this article and check if your child shows any or all of these signals.


1) Gets angry when asked about it

This is one of the most common reactions shown by liars! When you ask  your child “Did you smoke yesterday? I found a lighter in your table”, he is most likely to get angry and shout back at you! If he does this frequently then chances are there that he is lying!

2) Takes more time to respond

Mom: Who broke that window pane, jack?
Jack: window pane?? Which one?
Mom: The one in granny’s room!
Jack: Granny’s room? err…hmmm
Mom: Answer it Jack! Who broke it?
Jack: hmm…You mean the window pane in Granny’s room?

Have you noticed your child making the conversation long by asking unnecessary questions while deviating from the core issue? If yes, chances are there that he might be lying. When we lie we tend to make conversations longer because it is in this short span of time, we try make our own stories!

3) Study those signals

This is interesting! Every liar, unless he is a professional, exhibits some signals which can testify his lying. Some of the common signals are scratching the forehead, rubbing the fingers, touching the nose, avoiding eye contact and so on. And since your child is not an expert in this field, you can catch him easily.

                                                is your kid lying

4) He avoids the topic

 Have you felt your child gets restless or disturbed when asked about a particular topic? Have you seen a sigh of relief in his face when you change the topic? If yes, he is trying to hide the thing. In some cases children who are abused, bullied or harassed chooses to stay silent and hide the incident.

5) He cleverly shifts to a different topic:

Mom: I heard some sounds from your room last night! Whom were you talking to till mid night?
Bob: When? Last night…err… it was Jerry… some general talks…
Hey mom let’s go for a drive! It’s been ages we went out of town!
Let’s take Sam too! It will be fun, isn’t it?

In the conversation above Bob very cleverly shifts his mom’s attention to a topic which he knows will make her happy! If this is what your child also does, then beware!

6) Becomes desperate

Sometimes when your child lies to gain attention, he is expected to become desperate to make his point clear! He wants his audience to believe in his story and a mere opposition from the audience can offend him. Study his eye movements, restlessness and change of tone. If you find him indulging in these activities speak with him and try to make him understand the drawbacks of lying. But do this in a calm tone.

Now that you have learned the ways to detect a lie, you might be wondering as to why your kid lies? After all you never taught him to lie! Read the next post where I have explained the 6 most common reasons behind hiding the truth

P.S: Sometimes individuals may exhibit one or more of these signs while telling the truth. So the best thing to do is to compare the person’s normal behaviour to the above signs to check if he is really lying.

Please share your views and experiences regarding the topic. This will make the discussion healthy!

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  1. Great tips for parents with teens. I am in the middle of teen drama with both my kids and it can be quite unbearable at times. Really studying the child and their reaction does show a lot about what is going on with your kids. I noticed finding a way to get whatever is bothering them out of them is the tricky part.
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