Effective Ways To Win An Argument

Irrespective of who you are and what you do, you need to argue with the world to make your points clear and your opinions heard from time to time.

Listed below a few of my tried and tested ways to argue positively.

i) Get your facts right: Never assume, predict or imagine facts. Do not argue until you are confident of the authenticity of the facts.

ii) Do not deviate: While arguing about 2014-world cup’s best football side, if you start describing your college football team, you will end up making people lose interest in your points. So DO NOT deviate from the track.

iii) Speak less…listen more: Allow your opponent to speak more. Observe him closely, make your points and hit back strongly. Ensure that your one solid reply counters all his points.

iv) Avoid personal attack: No matter how intense the situation becomes, refrain from personal attacks and cursing or bullying the opponent party. Debate like a Gentleman!

                                                 how to win arguments

v) Puzzle your opponents: It may happen that you run out of ideas and facts to support your argument. In such cases the best thing to do is to confuse your opponents by asking questions, challenging their memory etc. While they fumble with the facts, quickly prepare yourself for the next move.

vi) Hide your emotions: It is normal to get nervous and run out of ideas at times. But this can raise your rival’s confidence. So do not show your nervousness. Try to act cool, smile, relax and act normally. And who knows, maybe your opponent is trying the same tactic!

No matter how often or how rare we may argue, the point to be noted is how fruitful or healthy our arguments generally are! Well having discussed some key points to argue wisely, now I would like to hear your views regarding the topic. I am sure there will be some other proven techniques too.

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