Are You a Negative Person?

The internet is full of self motivating quotes and so are the libraries across the world equipped with tons of books, novels and resources to help us lead a healthy life by instilling positive thoughts and encouraging us to thrash the negative ones. But how many of us really care to pin these thoughts in our mind and follow these in our daily life!

While it takes only a few seconds for us to share these quotes in our facebook, instagram and pinterest profiles and attract 50-60 likes and comments, the question to be asked is do we really follow the messages? How many of us are really able to appreciate the positive things in life? While we constantly seek help to come out of negative environment, believe me or not, there are some people who have this peculiar tendency to find negativity in every situation. I personally know some people who prefer to stay sad, depressed and down even when things are going smoothly for them. In other words they act as epi centres of negative aura.

When negativity becomes an identity

There are people who are known for their negativity. No matter how hard you try to teach them to be optimistic in life they prefer to turn a deaf ear to these suggestions. It really annoys me to think how can they be so ungrateful to god? Without any obvious reason to feel sad, they curse their life almost every single day of their life! What they do not realize is that this habit soon becomes a part of their character and gradually becomes their identity.

I have noticed a common thing in most of these cases that such people do not need a reason to curse their life and no matter how good the situation is they will behave in a manner as if they have always been deprived of certain things and are dissatisfied from their life. This is a peculiar human tendency where some individuals cannot or does not acknowledge the positive or better things that has ever happened in their life. Complaining and comparing becomes a part of their daily routine and they leave no stone unturned to show how ‘pathetic’ a life they are leading!

They suffer…in the long run

Owing to their difficult-to-handle nature, these people are often sidelined or neglected by relatives, colleagues and friends. Such people also find it difficult to handle relationships and marriages because of this negative attitude of theirs toward life. The partner soon becomes fed up of the fights and unnecessary arguments and this leads to breakups and divorces in respective cases. This further makes the situation worse because the feeling of being left out gives them further boost to blame their fate without realizing the fact that much of these situations could have been averted had they not created those unnecessary scenes.
Some of the most unpleasing attitudes shown by negative persons are stubborn nature, arguing on petty issues, never ending urge, crave for artificial things, complaining and comparing nature.

A typical negative mind
A typical negative mind

Ohh… how shall I react to them?

Let us assume, Mr X, who happens to be your relative, is a super negative person. Now since you cannot ignore him owing to the social bindings you have, you are left out with only two options:
a) help him to get out of this problem or
b) shield yourself from the negative energies emitted by him.

Take care of the following points while dealing with such persons:
i) DO NOT Confront: If you thought confronting or fighting with a negative person can make him stop this habit, think again! Negative people do not like their ides or thinking to be questioned or challenged.
ii) Instil positive thoughts: Avoid depressing conversations at any cost. Speak about beautiful things, philosophies and moments of life. Make them realize indirectly the beauty of life. Gift them good books, take them to good movies or hang out with some common positive friends.
iii) Show them how happy you are amidst your own problems. Teach them to neglect and let go the things that hurt or make them sad.
iv) If the person concerned is in advanced levels of negativity, you can hardly bring any change by these techniques. In such cases take them to self development classes, psychiatric counselling or yoga centres to drain out the negative energies.

“If they can give you 1 reason to be sad, counter it by saying yourself “I have 100 reasons to be happy”

People say that staying in a negative person’s vicinity can harm us a lot. But I do not agree to this! It depends on how we handle things. Remember the fact that you are responsible for your own sorrows and happiness as well. So no matter how much you interact with them nothing can harm you if you are strong from inside. Do not let others influence you. Even if you hear some negative remarks or feedbacks ignore them. If they can give you 1 reason to be sad, counter it by saying yourself “I have 100 reasons to be happy”

i) Every night before going to bed, thank god for all the good things you have got by default. This includes your family members, parents, kids, life partner, good background and a lot more beautiful things. You didn’t even ask for this right?
ii) There are millions of people out there who cannot walk, see or speak. Some do not have a roof above and a piece of bread in their plate, some are orphan while some have lost their dear ones in some tragic incidents. In short, we are far better than a lot of people around us. Aren’t we? And still we curse our life? Not fair!
iii) Do not lose faith in god if something bad happens to you or your near ones. Give him some time to bring your good days back.

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6 thoughts on “Are You a Negative Person?

  1. Simply Amazing words…..Tuhin

    I think positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness. Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

  2. Tuhin, it certainly is difficult to be around people whose glass is always half-full. I come from a family of optimists, whose glasses have always overflowed. This doesn’t mean we have not suffered difficulties or loss–we have. But we have always looked at the good in our lives and turned our focus there.

    If I have to interact with a negative person, I spend as little time there as I can. You cannot “fix” this person. They have to want to change. For me, all things are possible in God.

  3. Another good one Tuhin. I have a family member like Mr X. Everything is going wrong and it’s never his fault. I can’t stand to be around negative people and no longer have the patience for them. I only surround myself with positive people and life is so much easier.

  4. These are powerful words Tuhin. I’m an optimist but over the years I’ve encountered negative people who only see the worst in any situation. Applying your strategies is a great idea but pessimists very rarely change.

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