Why Your Silence Matters Even if You don’t Believe so

This is a guest post by Ikechi Awezie, a well known personal development and inspirational blogger


Have you ever thought about what a rally would be like without no supporters?
Have you ever wondered how a CEO’s speech would turn out without his team?

Have you ever thought about how a teacher would impact knowledge if there were no students?

Who would celebrities be if there was no one to celebrate them?

What would sports become if there were no fans?

Have you ever thought about how like-minded individuals would exist without YOU. What would life be if you did not exist?

So just think about how your silence would affect your world? Just imagine what your world would become with your silence? Strange isn’t it?

Now what if you knew that by your silence, you are causing a ripple effect in your world. What if you knew that you your silence makes the difference in ways you never imagined.

Don’t believe me! Here are reasons why your silence does matter:

1. Your Silence Makes People Suffer

Do you know that by your silence, people are suffering daily?

Do you know that so many problems are left bare because you chose to do nothing?

Do you know that when you turn your dreams into a joke by making it silent, you are actually making other people’s dreams into a joke too?

There are people whom are blessed by your existence. There are tons of gems whose life will blossom when you solve their problems.

These people would have opportunities before them just because you made a difference in their lives.

Their families and generations would forever live a fulfilled life because you caused a rippling effect by giving a helping hand and taking a little action.

You Have a Gift That Others Need. You are a light to a situation that no one else can provide.

So what do you think would happen when you decide to silence your Awesome Existence?

2. Your Silence is Cheating on Inspiration

But maybe you feel you are not cool enough, smart enough, not that perfect or you feel that you are worthless.
You believe that your silence is what your world really needs? Who are you to makeworld-suffers-because-of-silence-napoleon a difference? Who are you to take the lead? What skills do you have that matters? Isn’t Silence the best policy?

When you say you don’t have a choice; when you tell yourself that you aren’t original; when you allow others to craft your own story; when you refuse to make a difference; when you cling on to excuse; you are cheating on inspiration.

It is no wonder that people are clueless as to why you can’t see how blessed you are. They are lost as to why you can’t fathom that your voice does matter. Can’t you see your amazing blend of gifts?

Now think about this! why would anyone want to make the greatest impact in your life?
Have you ever wondered why one would like to give you direction and guidance? Here is why!

3. Your Silence is Golden

Indeed your silence is golden. It is like a double edge sword. It can make or mar your world in ways you never imagine. It is the thin line between liberation and self-imposed limitations. It is the gateway to making a difference or being a spectator.

If you hold on to your silence, how would you be able to build up courage, leave a mark, make people overcome their limitations, and make someone feel belonged?

If you cling to silence, how will all the changes in the world come about?

Don’t you know that the world is waiting for your story? Your pain, conflict, heartache, and passion. These are life changing gems that can make a difference.

The world is waiting for your manifestation and not your silence. The world is waiting for your unique voice and message

You are an influence, whether you believe it or not. You are the change because your small action does matter.

Over to You

How then can our world be a shining light, when the world has no power to make a difference? And how can our world make a difference when it is filled with so much silence? And how then can silence be reduced and freedom be expressed without YOU.

Make a Difference! Be an inspiration!

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Silence Matters Even if You don’t Believe so

  1. I never thought about how silence could impact the world around you but you are so right. I really like the Napoleon quote “The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people”.
    Thanks for this post – this is one subject that requires further thought.

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