Top 6 Myths About Introverts

No matter which part of the world you are reading this post from, you can relate yourself with the facts mentioned below provided you have ever been in contact with an introvert.
Without stretching the post unnecessarily, here I have summarized the 6 major myths that revolve around an introvert’s life in a crisp and direct manner (to save your precious time). From time immemorial Introverts have always been some of the most misunderstand group of people owing to various reasons. The sole aim of writing this post is to help you understand your introvert buddy from a different perspective and let them live peacefully in their own world.

#Myth 1: They are shy:

This is one of the most common myths about introverts. People often confuse introversion with shyness where as these two traits have a gulf of difference between them. While shyness is characterized by acute fear of facing people, introversion on the other hand is deliberate preference of solitude.

                                                                   6 myths of introverts

#Myth 2: They cannot socialize:

Trust me they can! Before tagging introverts as unsocial it is important to understand that your definition of socialization is completely alien to theirs. Some introverts I know can easily mingle with people irrespective of age, sex, profession and other constraints. However this totally depends on how comfortable they feel with the people they are interacting to. If you constantly poke them on their introversion they will, in no way, mingle with you.

#Myth 3: They are dull:

Contrary to this age old belief about introverts, they are in fact some of the most energetic and intelligent group of people you can ever meet. Turn down the pages of history and you will be surprised to find that some of the great thinkers, scientists, revolutionaries had introversion in them. Only because they are not contributing to the extrovert-oriented world does not make them dull.

#Myth 4: Introverts lack confidence:

O No! No! No! You are wrong again. Confidence comes from within and it has nothing to do with how a person interacts with the external world. However if you go on dominating, humiliating and/or mocking a person in public because of his introversion, sooner or later it may harm his confidence level. This happens especially with reserved kids and adolescents who are constantly humiliated and bullied for their reserved nature. NEVER DO THIS!

                                               introverts are not shy

#Myth 5: They do not know the meaning of fun:

If you have lived with this idea that introverts are boring it is high time you change this mindset. Introverts can be crazy and super funny depending on the people they are interacting with. Once they are comfortable with you they are gonna show what real fun is!

#Myth 6: Introverts can become extroverts if they try:

First of all there is no need for introverts to change. Those who have understood Introversion from a closer affinity can testify the fact that introversion is a beautiful human nature which has its own benefits. It is the immaturity of the society that fails to understand this trait. Secondly even if an introvert (after being pressurized) tries to change his/her nature, it will deteriorate his/her condition. It is like forcing a fish to fly or a bird to swim.

Now that we have reached the end of the post I want to make a humble request to my readers. If you are an introvert please do not bother to change for ‘good’ no matter how much criticisms you face from people around you and if you are an extrovert who is reading this post, please do not pressurize or brainwash your introvert friend, brother or anyone around you to change their introversion.

If you really want to befriend and mingle with introverts the first thing you should do is to stop judging them from a narrow perspective. Break these myths and start accepting them as they are!
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