A Healthy Physical and Mental Life Starts from Simple Living

secrets of a simple life

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This guest post is submitted by Evie Harrison is a health science graduate and a blogger by choice

Simple living is a phenomenon long forgotten ever since we’ve entered the 20th century and with it brought the hope of a luxurious life. Life that was once simple has now been dragged into a rat race of who is the best and who owns the best. Although many of us still struggle to keep that long-gone simplicity alive, the majority has given in to the competitiveness of the world we live in and fight hard to keep up.

While there’s no apparent harm in going all out and striving to be and have the best,the process does take a toll on our mental and physical health.

In our efforts to make the most of what we call the ‘modern world’, we end up compromising our health and that too, to a great extent. Which is why many people say that a simple life is what you need to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Simple living or minimalism?

A simple way of life can mean different things to different people. For some, it might be cutting back on costs to ensure a financially stable life while for others, it may be choosing to live in a small, cosy homethan a big, luxurious one.

The idea of simple living is entirelysubjective, and it does not have a concrete definition. However, many people think it means being minimalistic.The idea entailsgetting rid of all the unnecessary clutter from your life; extra clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, makeup, cars, furniture etc.

It is also important to understand that it is not a decision that is taken overnight but is more of a process that shows its benefits gradually. Some of these ultimate benefits include good mental and physical health that eventually lead to a healthy and fit life.

Eliminate stress and worry

Many of our worries and tensions stem from the comparisons we make between our lives and that of others. The ‘others’ here may include our peers, colleagues, neighbours, relatives, etc. More often than not, drawing comparisons results in unhappiness, dissatisfaction and depression.Doing so consistently can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

In this case, the idea of a simple life is to be happy with what you have. Wanting more isnt bad on its own but the key is to not compareyour life with that of others but to strive towards betterment through hard work and commitment.

Once you do that, you will realise that more than half of your stress and worries have vanished and you’ll be a much happier and satisfied person. It will also help you unclutter and let go of all the thoughts, feelings and actions from your life that are unnecessary.

Avoid feeling rushed or hurried

secrets and benefits of a simple living
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The more you let onto your shoulders, the more burdened you will feel and the more you will speed through things in life.

If you feel hurried, stressed and rushed throughout the day, maybe its time to de-clutter time-related aspects from your day to slow down and foster simplicity in life.

Try making conscious decisions and create more space during the day so that you don’t feel too stressed or overwhelmed.

You can do this by allocating time to the most important tasks or activities that need to be accomplished and discarding all those that are useless or not worth your valuable time.

Self-care is vital

In our busy lives and schedules, and among all the numerous commitments and obligations that we have going on, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

A lot of people will often find themselves sinking in financial debt, feeling resentful and unhappy in relationships and wasting their time and talent in jobs that are not meant for them.

All of these things only complicate life, and in the end, the doer bears the brunt. It is incredibly vital for you to find time for yourself, reanalyze your life and do things that you love doing.

Mental illness vs dementia

It is commonly believed that the more stressed you are in life, the more vulnerable you become to acquiring several mental illnesses. Stress can often result in high blood pressure which, according to scientists, can harm blood vessels that carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

If this happens continually, your vessels can get constricted overtime which can result in ‘vascular dementia’ which, contrary to popular beliefs, is not a mental illness but a disorder of the brain.

Knowing that over-complication in life can cause you be mentally dysfunctional, wouldn’t you want to adopt healthy and simpleapproaches to life to stay mentally fit and functional? While it is easier said than done, try to remove all stressors from your life that cause you pain and worry.

Simple is healthy

While the modern age has given us quite a few menaces, it has also brought with it some radical developments that contribute to a simpler lifestyle. One of these advances includes the concept of healthy eating which is often used interchangeably with ‘simple life’.

People who are big on fitness and well-being focus on clean, simple and low-key meals that aren’t too hard to prepare. They also consume raw vegetables and fresh fruits – two of the healthiest food groups out there.

Considering these factors, one way you can simplify your life is by adopting simple eating habits that will ensure good physical and mental health because of all the brain-boosting minerals and nutrients that natural foods contain.

There is no denying that life, on its own, is relatively simple but we tend to over-complicate it. Simple living defines the quality of your health, relationships and work. All other aspects of your life ride on how you live it.If you wish to make the most of it and remain healthy for as long as you live, you will have to start by living simply.

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  1. Simplicity is all in what we make of it. Some people may love living in New York City because they don’t have to own a car and are surrounded by multiple cultural opportunities. Others may find that simplicity living in the middle of no where in New Mexico with the broad desert for company. I like to create my own simple life wherever I happen to live!

  2. Taking time out for ourselves and avoiding rushing around is vital to our wellbeing. Rushing around eventually takes its toll on us. Decluttering is something I do more regularly. Great post!

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