5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed At School

5 ways to help children

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This guest post is submitted by Claire Adams, a personality development expert and HR & ER Specialist

All parents want their kids to be strong, responsible and independent.

However, for a child to grow up to be happy, confident and successful, with healthy self-esteem, your job is to guide and advise them when they need you the most.

Luckily, there’s no better job in the world for loving parents!

As they experience new things in life, children will need your support and tender care. This is especially true for school.

Forcing your own ideals won’t do any good, but there are plenty of healthy and helpful ways to be there for your kids so that they can find their own path to academic success.

1. Positive organization and learning space

If your goal is to help your child establish proper habits, you need to create structure and plan.

This doesn’t mean that you have to plan their every day to a minute, but you can create a clear distinction between study time, play time, TV time, etc. It would be best to get them to work on their homework first by presenting them with the opportunity to have all the time for fun afterwards.

However, in order to stay focused on their homework, children also need a quiet and organized learning space, away from all the distractions.

When creating a learning space for your kids remember to consult with and engage them as well. Adding personalized motivational posters and positive affirmations around the desk can mean a lot for a young student.

2. Communicate with your child

Open communication is essential if you want to get through to your child, help them feel appreciated and build a good relationship with them.

When it comes to school, don’t hesitate to ask them about their day, the things they learned, and the things that they enjoyed the most.

If you notice that they’re particularly interested in something, talk about that in detail. This make the kids believe that you want to know more about that part of their life, which puts a huge value on school for them instantly.

Moreover, always remain calm and friendly as you talk to your kids, especially when they muster up the courage to talk about possible troubles they experience with certain subjects.

This will make them trust you and come back to you every time they have a problem. Moreover, it will help them learn how to express things that concern them as well as things that make them happy a lot better.

5 Ways to Help Your Children Succeed At School
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3. Encourage their hobbies and activities

It’s important that your child never feels pressured about school. This is why after-school activities and hobbies are so important.

Always talk to your kids about their interests and things they’d love to take up, learn, and engage in.

As a matter of fact, these activities are there to boost children’s creativity, mental and social skills, productivity, as well as physical development.

In the end, their passion may turn out to be crucial for their future. It may even help them get amazing high school scholarships, which are a perfect way to support children and save the family from facing financial difficulties.

After all, showing an interest in extracurricular, community or leadership activities is always considered as a plus.

Volunteer work and community service, student government, academic and sports teams and clubs, the arts and debate team, etc. all make for a wonderful start that can help your child discover their talents and passions.

4. Stay positive and supportive

Knowing that you value their work and effort is of utmost importance for a child, even if they themselves may not be aware of it. To help them work continuously at school, make sure to award them with positive affirmations.

Congratulate and praise them accordingly, and never fail to fully enjoy their successes and achievement, even if it’s just hanging their best test score on the fridge/wall. When things aren’t going well, stay positive and talk to your kids.

5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed At School
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Of course, constant praising – just like constant reprimanding – is not good or healthy.

Still, keep in mind that kind words will unlock an iron door, and a positive and trusting attitude is sometimes all that kids need in order to keep doing their best.

5. Foster good friendships

For a school kid, friendships are very important. Obviously, not all friends are going to be good friends, but this is why you’ll be there.

Encourage your child to spend more time with their peers, especially when it comes to studying and engaging in after-school activities together.

This will allow them to improve their social skill, but learn how to read different situations and behaviors as well.

Don’t be hasty to openly attack a friend you don’t approve of.

This may have the opposite effect of what you want. In this case, make sure to encourage your child to always have faith and confidence in their own values and smart thinking.

Sometimes, your child won’t be able to express everything they want in regards to school. This is why it’s essential that you get involved as well.

Don’t be too forceful, but meeting your child’s teacher and attending all parent-teacher conferences can be very useful, and, ultimately, helpful for your child. 

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