6 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

We fall in love not with an intention to fall apart, but life has its own way of planning things. Getting over a broken relationship is one of the most painful experiences one can ever have. Starting from anxiety, anger, and pain to serious depression and grudge, we encounter a series of mixed undesirable emotions after breaking up.

What started as a blissful journey has now become a bed of thorns. Neither are you able to let it go nor can you live with it.

   “I wish I had never met you…”

Avoid getting indulged in:

A breakup or a tough past can break even the toughest of individuals. When we try to recover from a relationship trauma we try every possible way to get out of this pain. It is in these situations that we end up indulging in some activities which destroys us even more.

                                                                        6 ways to get over your ex

i) Avoid addiction: One of the biggest mistakes people do after getting hurt is to get addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and in extreme cases, drugs. Avoid the urge to vent your frustrations through these momentary pleasures. Ironically after a span of time though people manage to get over their past, but in the long run they fall in the trap of these addictions.

“At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life…”

ii) Never go for a casual hook up: The concept of casual or a NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED relationship may seem perfect after a breakup; but trust me, it is not. Flirting or dating aimlessly can never be the solution for your troubles. Often it happens that people after falling out of love lose trust and respect in relationships and end up getting involved in casual relationships thereby hurting their current partners. Only because you are hurt, does not give you the license to hurt innocent people.

Give your life…a fresh start

i) Trash all the stuffs that somehow take you back to them: Starting from the little gifts to those ‘memorable’ pictures, that particular perfume, messages and videos, you need to get rid of all those things which remind you of your past. When we remember any memorable incident, it is actually those small yet special moments that hurt the most.

ii) Breakup is not the end of your world: Appreciate the fact that whatever happens in our life gives us a lesson or an experience. Thank the experience for making you strong and self sufficient. Now that you have become more wise and practical, these experiences will help you in your future years. Take it POSITIVELY.

iii) Take diversion: Join healthier activities like yoga, meditation or any other physical activities which will help you to regain your lost confidence and boost up your self esteem.

iv) Go with the flow: Everything happens for a reason. A lot of People in the long run, realize that whatever happened once happened for good.

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v) Have patience: Tried every way of getting over your ex without any success? Hold on! Rome was not build in a day neither will your memories leave you so fast. Time is the greatest healer. So give time some time. And trust me the result of your patience will be a fruitful one.

vi) If they could…so can you: You are definitely not the first person in the world to experience this, neither will you be the last one. Innumerable people have got back their life after a serious breakup. Take these as examples and start getting over your ex from this very moment.

Breakups never killed anyone; it is the people who kill themselves. Trust me, breakups and broken relationships can be handled. All you need is a cocktail of firm determination, positive approach to life and a practical attitude. Life is not about crying for love and seeking attention from people who are least bothered about your goodwill. There are numerous instances of people coming out of this trauma and living a far better and balanced life. The only difference between them and those who fail is that they know that a mere breakup is NOT THE END…instead it is a beginning of a new inning…

                                                   “yes I can live…without you…”

Your life deserves to be led in a better way. Start moving away from that dark chapter of your past from this very moment and once you finish reading this article, take a pledge to give a fresh start to your life and prove your ex how nicely you can live without them.

Share with us your experience or opinion regarding this issue and help others cope-up with this trauma in the way you did, a few months or years back.

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